Chrisland schools alleged sexual violence: must read

Chrisland schools alleged sexual violence: must read

Chrisland schools alleged sexual violence (Must Read).

Lagos shuts Chrisland schools over alleged sexual violence – (Read the full story of what happened)

Police: we are investigating the matter
• Chrisland children remains our centre of focus, says school

A viral video exposing immoral acts among school youngsters on a vacation to Dubai sparked public outcry Wednesday.

A mother of a 10-year-old girl, an affected pupil, claimed on Instagram that her child was raped during a school-sponsored field trip.

The students were allegedly involved in an amorous act, according to a viral video posted on the Instagram page of a music executive, Ubi Franklin.

However, in response to the video, the mother claimed that her daughter was abused while some students filmed and posted the incident online.

Many internet users (netizens) who watched the video yesterday chastised the woman and other pupils’ parents for failing to raise godly children.

The girl’s mother, on the other hand, claimed that the school attempted to conceal the incident.

She further said that if she ever spoke out about the incident, the school threatened to kill her daughter.

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“A parent contacted and said she needed to see me right away,” she explained. When I arrived at her house, she informed me that something had been going on at my child’s school, and she believed I was unaware of it.

The woman showed me the video and assured me that all of the parents were aware of what was going on. I informed my spouse right away.

When the school was approached about the event, the mother of the student reported that her daughter was suspended.

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The girl was suspended indefinitely in a letter reportedly signed by its Head Teacher, G. I. Azike, addressed to the girl’s parents and bearing the name of Chrisland School.

In the letter, the school stated that it learned their daughter engaged in inappropriate behaviour during the just finished World School Games in Dubai.

“She deliberately participated in a game they termed ‘Truth or Dare,’ a game that led her and a few other co-learners to carry out the immoral behavior after the lights out instruction was issued,” the letter continued.

“Chrisland Schools has zero tolerance for any improper behavior or misconduct, in keeping with our core values of discipline.”

“A thorough investigation was conducted, and the parents of all of the responsible students were told of the appropriate punishment. The parents gave their complete cooperation, seeing the need of collaborating with the school so that the students could be corrected and expected to behave properly in the future.

“However, in the course of the school’s efforts to explore how best we can help the student who was a major player in the entire incident, every attempt to alert you as her parent about the occurrence and ensure that this inappropriate behavior is permanently remedied has proven useless.”

“As a school, we cannot condone such behavior.” As a result, the girl is suspended indefinitely until you, the parents, guarantee that she is properly disciplined, counseled, and rehabilitated.

“However, if you require our aid in any way to rehabilitate the girl, the school stands ready to help.”

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the event, the Lagos State government ordered the closure of all Chrisland Schools in the state yesterday, awaiting further investigations.

“The attention of the Lagos State Administration has been called to the alleged sexual violence case involving pupils of Chrisland Schools that occurred in Dubai, United Arab Emirates,” the state government stated in a statement.

“It is important to note that all allegations are being investigated by relevant Ministries, Departments, and Agencies, including the Ministry of Education, Office of Education Quality Assurance, Ministry of Youth and Social Development, Ministry of Justice, and the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency, with criminal allegations being escalated to the Commissioner of Police.”

We are dedicated to providing proper medical and psychosocial help in light of the claims.

“This is to reassure members of the public of the State Government’s commitment to child safety and protection, particularly in ensuring that all child-centered institutions within the state formulate and implement policies and systems that are compliant with the Lagos State Safeguarding and Child Protection Program (Executive Order (NO.EO/AA08 of 2016).”

“We also use this medium to educate the general public that anyone who engages in any visual portrayal of sexually explicit conduct involving a minor is guilty of a crime and faces a fourteen-year prison sentence.” “Producing, distributing, receiving, or possessing an image of child pornography” falls under this category.

“All Chrisland Schools in Lagos State are hereby closed for now, awaiting further investigations.”

In addition, the Lagos State Police Command announced that it has launched a complete inquiry into the situation.

In a statement, the Lagos State Police Command’s spokesperson, Benjamin Hundeyin, said the command’s attention had been called to an alleged rape video supposedly featuring students of Chrisland School Lagos that had gone viral on social media.

In a statement signed by Akin Fadeyi, a member of the advisory board, the school said Chrisland children remain their top priority.

“We have followed up on reports circulating about various developments relating to the morality and ethics of some of the children under our care who represented the school at the World School Games in Dubai between March 8 and 14, 2022,” the statement stated.

“While we recognize the range of emotions that this has elicited, we want to reassure the public that our initial response as an institution was to adopt parental roles by providing support to those involved and ensuring that their self-esteem was not harmed.”

“However, after a thorough assessment of the scenario, we can’t help but feel scandalized and distressed as moms, fathers, and educators with a relationship that has a direct impact on the development of individuals involved.”

“We are pleased to tell our stakeholders that no one was raped or had a pregnancy test administered to a minor while we were in charge.” Only a COVID post-trip test was performed on the returning delegation of our kids at the Life Centre Medical Services on March 21, 2022 at School Hall, Opebi, in accordance with COVID-19 travel standards.

“It’s an extremely bad speculation to suggest that a pregnancy test was performed on a student, for whatever purpose.”

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