COVID 19 Vaccine is now compulsory for NYSC PCM

COVID 19 Vaccine is now compulsory for NYSC PCM

COVID 19 Vaccine is now compulsory for NYSC PCM.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has ordered that all of its camps will be closed to unvaccinated corps members.

Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim, NYSC DG, revealed this while speaking to 2021 Batch “C” Stream Two Corps Members and Camp Officials. He stated that the move will go into effect at the next orientation camp, which will be held in a few weeks.

He also stated that prospective corps members will now be required to produce proof of coronavirus immunization before being allowed to register.

The initiative, according to the Director-General, is attempting to prevent the spread of COULD or its variants as a result of the finding of the variant virus in the country.

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COVID 19 Vaccine is now compulsory for NYSC PCM:

He has so warned that there will be no such thing as a two-week respite after leaving the Orientation Camp, asking corps members to add value to themselves by learning skills that will enable them to become business owners rather than pursuing the few available salaried positions.

While cautioning Corp members to avoid nighttime and unauthorized journeys, Ibrahim advised them to break any journey that lasted longer than 6:00 p.m. and spend the night in a safe location.

“Find out where the NYSC Corps Lodges, Secretariats, and Army barracks are and make sure you spend the night there for journeys that will take you more than six hours to reach your destination.”

Is COVID-19 Vaccine compulsory for prospective corps members NYSC PCM in orientation camp?

Yes!! In Nigeria, the FG has directed that COVID-19 vaccine is now mandatory for all NYSC Prospective Corps Members, before entry into the camp.

Is nose mask and hand sanitizer provided in NYSC camps?

Yes!! But you are encouraged to come along with your own personal kit. You can still buy at the mami market inside the camp.

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