Delhi schools now closed over rise in Covid-19 cases

Delhi schools now closed over rise in Covid-19 cases
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Delhi schools now closed over rise in Covid-19 cases

Delhi Schools, Colleges closed with immediate effect as Government sounds Yellow Alert over spike in Covid-19 cases

Why is Delhi schools and colleges being shut down and closed?

Delhi schools and colleges being shut down and closed over spike in Covid-19 cases as alerted by Government.

When did Delhi schools and colleges close over Covid-19?

They closed today, December 2021.

For all classes, Delhi Schools and Colleges would be shut with immediate effect. The Delhi government has issued a Yellow Alert, requiring all schools and colleges in the city to close immediately beginning tomorrow.

Delhi’s schools have once again been closed. The Delhi government has issued a yellow alert, putting in place a series of measures to control the spread of COVID-19 in the city. The administration has included the closure of schools and institutions in the city as part of the limitations. The decision comes after the Delhi government declared a Yellow Alert today, citing a case positive rate of 0.5 percent. Schools and educational institutions, according to the circulars, would be closed till further notice – for offline/in-person or classroom teaching.

Schools will close tomorrow, according to the guidelines, and no student will be obliged to attend offline classes. Schools, on the other hand, can continue with their online learning activities. Students in classes 11 and 12 are also allowed to use the school administration for CBSE registration, examinations, and other relevant activities such as projects and assignments.

Delhi schools now closed over rise in Covid-19 cases:

After the optimism rate remained at 0.5 percent for the second day in a row today, a meeting was called. The administration has agreed to implement the GRAP Yellow Alert limitations in accordance with the GRAP measures suggested in the Graded Response Action Plan. All academic institutions, including schools and colleges, would be closed. Apart from that, all movie theaters would be closed, while shopping malls would be allowed to operate on an odd-even basis. Offices would operate according to the mandates, with a maximum capacity of 50%. Click here to see the full Order and Restrictions for the Yellow Alert.

On Monday, 331 additional cases were reported in the city, pushing the positive rate above 0.5 percent. According to GRAP, the city intended to issue a Yellow Alert in response to the scenario, forcing schools to close. The schools had reopened for all courses in early December, but had to close again when the AQI in the city reached dangerous levels. Schools would only reopen on December 17, 2021, after the postponed reopening. These have now been re-closed.

“Although COVID-19 cases are on the rise in Delhi, and the positive rate has surpassed 0.5 percent, hospitalizations are modest, and fatalities are rare. Following further negotiations, a decision on the implementation of ‘Yellow’ alert limits will be made “On Monday, an officer had made a comment.

Taking the call, the administration disclosed the details, indicating that schools would be closed as a precaution. This comes just a day after the Delhi government declared that Delhi will be closed from January 1 to January 15. During this time, no online or offline learning activities are permitted in schools.

President of the Delhi Parents Association (DPA) Aprajita Gautam said the constant closing and reopening of schools over Covid-19 has had an “undeniably deteriorating” effect on mental health of students

Delhi schools now closed over rise in Covid-19 cases:

Aprajita Gautam, president of the Delhi Parents Association (DPA), observed that the frequent closing and reopening of schools has had a “undeniably deteriorating” effect on pupils’ mental health.

The DDMA has issued a “yellow alert” due to an increase in COVID-19 cases following the emergence of the virus’ Omicron variant. Schools, colleges, and training and coaching institutions in the national capital will remain closed.

According to the information related to Latest School News, the Directorate of Education (DoE) has stated that online teaching, learning, examinations, and related activities such as practicals, projects, and assignments for classes 9 to 12 will be held on time.

While parents’ reactions to the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) advisory were divided, other stakeholders, such as school principals and education specialists, expressed concern over growing learning gaps.

The warning, which is part of the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP), comes after the highest single-day surge in COVID-19 infections in over six months in the national capital on Monday, when 331 new cases were reported with a positivity rate of 0.67 percent.

In July, the DDMA approved the GRAP in anticipation of the third wave of COVID-19 in Delhi. The plan depicts the imposition and lifting of restrictions in relation to the scenario.

School, colleges, training and coaching institutions, as well as libraries, are all expected to remain closed during the “yellow alert.”

After being shuttered due to alarming pollution levels in Delhi, schools for kids in grades 7 and above were allowed to reopen on December 18 for students in grades 7 and up. Physical education programs for pupils in grades one through five can begin on December 27th, according to the administration.

Aprajita Gautam, president of the Delhi Parents Association (DPA), observed that the frequent closing and reopening of schools has had a “undeniably deteriorating” effect on pupils’ mental health.

“This year, we have all witnessed the government’s complete failure in planning and execution. The continual closing and reopening of schools has had an undeniable negative impact on pupils’ mental health, according to Gautam.

“The projected high levels of pollution and the shutting of schools for the nth time could have been handled with in a more well-planned manner.” Our students are always afraid of the unknown, according to the DPA president.

According to Gautam, the administration should have been “prudent” in its decision-making rather than making them “hurriedly” without regard for the future.

According to Ashok Agarwal, president of the All India Parents Association (AIPA), schools have been closed “without any explanation or scientific basis.”

“Taking safeguards is understandable, but closing schools and universities is not an option. “If schools are open in other states, what makes Delhi unique in closing schools?” he said.

Since March of last year, schools and universities have been closed on a regular basis due of the Covid epidemic, which prompted a statewide lockdown due to coronavirus.

“There is simply no plan as to how these tremendously growing learning gaps will be bridged if this continues for long,” claimed the principal of a top private school who did not want to be recognized. “Health cannot be compromised,” the principal stated, “but it is past time for us to start working on a workable long-term plan.”

“Clearly Delhi government doesn’t care about kids and don’t care about COVID,” Tanya Agarwal, a lawyer and parent of a Class I student who has been vocal about the long-term harmful effects of school closures, tweeted. Because they’ve opted to keep pubs and restaurants open while closing schools once again. Shameful”.

Apart from schools and colleges, theatres and gyms have also been closed as part of the alert’s limitations.

It also imposes a number of restrictions on the operation of stores and public transportation, such as prohibiting the sale of non-essential products and services, and requiring malls to open on an odd-even basis from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., with the Delhi Metro operating at half capacity.

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