Emtee – Johustleburg music mp3

Emtee – Johustleburg music mp3 download
Emtee – Johustleburg music mp3 download

Emtee – Johustleburg music mp3 download.

The number one hip pop trap music boss, the spearheading CEO Emtee Records, award winning rap artiste, with unique melodies in his flows and rhythm, dishes yet another fresh and cool song from the music studio.

He tags and titles this track Johustleburg.

This song following the lyrics could be predicted to be a message of motivation, especially to everyone out there in the labour market trying to survive.

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Emtee acknowledged that to succeed you must work hard, making couple of references to how he struggled, how things later change, emphasizing that almost everyone know his story.

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The most interesting lines of Johustleburg music mp3 reads;

“Big city lights,  so bright,
People here hustle day and night,
We don’t live no lie, we all grind,
As’phele umoya, s’pusha till we get it right yeah,
Jozi, Jozi you showed me life (Put that on everything),
Jozi, Jozi you raised me right (Yeah you did)”.

——– A song by Emtee ——-

Emtee on this song Johustleburg make a sang his life story, it is really an interesting music to enjoy!

Emtee – Johustleburg music mp3 download

Stream, listen to this song, enjoy!

Emtee – Johustleburg

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