FG launches free e-learning website for students

FG launches free e-learning website for students

FG launches free e-learning website for students

Federal Government of Nigeria launches free e-learning website “inspire.education.gov.ng” for students at all levels of Education

The Federal Ministry of Education has launched “inspire.education.gov.ng,” a free e-learning website for all levels of education, to make learning more accessible.

At the opening of the website in Abuja on Tuesday, the Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu, was represented by the Permanent Secretary, Mr Sonny Echono, who said the website could accommodate two million Nigerians at a time.

FG launches free e-learning website for students:

The decision, according to Adamu, was prompted by the arrival of COVID-19, which disrupted schooling for two years.

He explained that the ministry’s website featured two features: inspire for students and ignite for teachers, adding that both learners and teachers would have full access to the site.

He went on to say that the ministry was working with the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) to limit access to the website to only registered teachers.

The minister stated that the e-learning content would cover all levels of education, stating that the ministry’s current focus is on primary and secondary education, and that it would be made available to rural and remote populations without internet connection.

He also stated that the present e-learning website used by polytechnics and universities would be linked to the new website rather than being discontinued.

According to him, the ministry has offered over 4,000 video lessons for elementary students, 7,000 video lessons for secondary students, and 4,000 audio lessons for secondary students as of today.

“We’ve been creating material that can be broadcast across all platforms.” We have programming on radio and television that covers the entire country.

“In terms of broadband, we’ve surpassed 30%.” We’re collaborating with Galaxy Backbone to lay fibers across the country and in schools across the country.

FG launches free e-learning website for students:

“The content is appropriate for all grade levels, but the primary and secondary levels are currently the focus.” This is due to the fact that almost every Polytechnic or University in our country has its own.

“We don’t intend to shut down the website for polytechnics and universities,” he said, “but we do want to build a link for them to use the platform.”

He went on to say that the ministry was collaborating with the Galaxy Backbone to set aside a piece of their cyber base for e-content.

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In response to a question on whether the website will be able to enable teaching in multiple local languages, the minister stated that a committee had been formed to work with regulatory bodies to harness local languages.

He praised the project’s partners and local content providers for their efforts in bringing it to light.

As a result, he advised consumers to use the website, noting that the ministry was trying to make it more user-friendly and cost-effective.
Mr Abubakar Isah, the ministry’s Director of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), said the website would provide both instructors and learners with more beneficial teaching and learning tools to teach and understand lessons.

He went on to say that the e-learning platform had also allowed states to implement teaching strategies.

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