List of high demanding professions in Canada 2022

List of high demanding professions in Canada 2022
High demanding jobs in Canada 2022

List of high demanding professions in Canada 2022.

See the list of best high demanding jobs / professions in Canada today in 2022.

Today, Latest School News shall discuss about the most important and needed careers in Canada and where to get them.

Multicultural Canada is widely recognized as one of the best countries to study and live abroad. This country warmly welcomes foreign students and offers them excellent conditions for education and further work.

Already during their studies, foreign students have the opportunity to officially earn money. Upon graduation, graduates can obtain a Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) for 3 years and then switch to a full Canadian work visa.

However, for successful employment in Canada, it is important not only to graduate from an educational institution and apply for a visa of the required type, but also to obtain a profession that will definitely be in demand.

List of Top 10 demanding / most sought after jobs in Canada today

Below we will tell you about the best professions for emigrating to Canada, which will be in demand from 2022 up to 2030 and will definitely allow you to get a job in this country.

List of high demanding professions in Canada 2022:

  1. Registered Nurse
  2. Truck driver
  3. Teacher
  4. Business Management Consultant
  5. Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist
  6. Software engineer and designer
  7. Welder
  8. Aerospace engineer
  9. Industrial electrician
  10. Pharmacist

Registered Nurse

Currently the most in-demand profession in Canada is the registered nurse profession, and the need for nurses will only increase throughout Canada in the coming years.

The popularity of this profession is influenced by two factors: firstly, the majority of nurses in the country will retire in the coming years, and, secondly, the needs of the population for high-quality medical care, especially among the elderly, are increasing every year.

The profession of a registered nurse in the country is the highest stage of nursing education and, unlike the profession of a licensed nurse practitioner, gives the right not only to perform purely technical medical work, but also to make independent decisions regarding the treatment of patients. In regions of the country where it is difficult to access the services of doctors and family doctors, registered nurses often fulfill their role.

Average salary:  $ 37 an hour

Where most vacancies are offered:  in all regions of the country

Highest-paid regions:  Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon

What education is needed:  specialized education not lower than a bachelor’s degree and registration with the territorial regulatory body.

Truck driver

The Canadian economy is directly dependent on transport logistics and truck drivers. The situation with this profession is similar to the situation with the nursing profession. Today, the majority of working drivers in Canada are between the ages of 45 and 65, so many of them will retire in the coming years and a lot of jobs will be created in the country.

The profession of a truck driver is also in demand in all regions of Canada. This is a big country. Some remote areas are directly dependent on drivers to bring food, clothing and medicine there. Thus, by becoming a truck driver in Canada, you will be able to take on an important role in supporting the local population and the country’s economy. 

Average salary:  $ 21 an hour

Where most jobs are offered:  Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec and Yukon

Highest-paid regions:  Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Alberta

What education is needed:  you need to get a license to drive a truck and get the appropriate license.


The Government of Canada has embarked on an active development of higher and technical education, which young people can receive after graduation. Thus, the teaching profession is highly demanded in the country.

Educator vacancies are offered in public and private educational institutions with academic, technical and vocational programs.

Requirements for the level of training of teachers largely depend on the working conditions and the region. While a master’s degree is usually required to work at universities, it is possible to apply for work in other educational institutions with a bachelor’s degree or secondary specialized education.

Average salary:  $ 37 an hour

Where most jobs are offered:  British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Quebec and Yukon

Highest-paid regions:  Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Alberta

What education is needed:  from secondary specialized education with work experience to a doctor’s degree.

Business Management Consultant

The business world is becoming more and more competitive, so good management and productivity are becoming especially important for companies. To achieve this goal, companies hire professional consultants, whose services are becoming more and more in demand every year.

Many existing consultants are expected to retire or move to other positions by 2026, which is great news for those looking to become consultants. In order to become a consultant, you can get a degree in business, and then gain experience in different industries and in different positions. In addition, studying technology, tourism or advertising can help in the profession, depending on which area you want to specialize in.

Average salary:  $ 36 an hour

Where most jobs are offered:  British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Saskatchewan

Highest-paid regions:  Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario

What education is needed:  a business degree of at least a bachelor’s degree and professional experience.

Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist

Canadians want to lead a healthy lifestyle and live as long as possible. Therefore, the services of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, health specialists and other professionals who help people to maintain their health are becoming increasingly important. 

It is worth thinking about getting a profession in this area right now, because these professions are considered professions of the future. The services of highly specialized doctors are used by children, adults and the elderly, and as the population ages, more and more people will need their help.

Average salary:  $ 23 an hour

Where most jobs are offered:  British Columbia and Saskatchewan

Highest-paid regions:  British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta

What education is needed:  specialized higher education.

Software engineer and designer

Interested in what technical specialties are in demand in Canada? Of course, among them are the professions of software developers and designers. In the coming years in both areas, not only will new specialists be required to replace the departing employees, but new jobs will also be created.

The development of computer technology, telecommunications and mobile technologies in the future is expected to stimulate the demand for engineers and software developers. If you choose to become a part of this industry in Canada, you will have numerous opportunities for the development of high technology projects, design of software systems and applications.

Average salary:  $ 43 an hour

Where most jobs are offered:  Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec

Highest-paid regions:  Alberta, Ontario, and Manitoba

What education is needed:  specialized higher education not lower than a bachelor’s degree.


Qualified welders are needed all over Canada, and more jobs are being offered in this area every year. The demand for a welder’s job in Canada is influenced by the increase in the number of jobs rather than the retirement of specialists.

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Due to technological progress in production in the coming years, welders will not have enough basic knowledge and skills, additional skills and qualifications will be required. Therefore, welders with specialized education will be especially in demand in Canada.

Average salary:  $ 25 an hour

Where most jobs are offered:  British Columbia and Prince Edward Island

Highest-paid regions:  Alberta, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador

What education is needed:  secondary specialized education or associate’s degree

Aerospace engineer

A job in the aerospace industry is suitable for those who dream of not only a popular but also a highly paid profession. The aerospace industry in Canada is growing at a fast pace and will continue to grow in the coming years, which will lead to an increase in the number of jobs.

As Canada’s aircraft fleet becomes obsolete and new environmental and safety laws come into effect, there will be an increase in demand to upgrade existing aircraft and build new ones. In short, the coming years are a great time to get started in aerospace engineering. With a degree in engineering, you will be able to work with aerospace systems, vehicles and their components, research, design, develop, test and maintain aircraft.

Average salary:  $ 40 an hour

Where most jobs are offered:  Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec

Highest-paid regions:  Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia

What education is needed:  a bachelor’s or master’s degree, as well as a license from a province or territory

Industrial electrician

Electrician is one of the most sought-after skilled jobs in Canada. In particular, industrial electricians are in the greatest demand. The talent shortage is projected to create over 1,200 industrial electrician jobs in the country by 2026.

With the automation of mining, automotive, oil and gas and other industries, the work of industrial electricians is becoming in demand in an increasing number of areas. This is especially important for students seeking an electrical engineering degree in Canada. Choosing for yourself the profession of an industrial electrician, you will be able to engage in interesting, important and well-paid work in the installation, testing, maintenance and repair of industrial machinery and equipment.

Average salary:  $ 33 an hour

Where most jobs are offered:  Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Ontario

Highest-paid regions:  Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia

What education is needed:  secondary specialized education, bachelor’s or master’s degree.

List of high demanding professions in Canada:


As the population of Canada is aging, people in the country are increasingly turning to pharmaceutical care to maintain their health. More pharmacies (including 24/7) are opening in Canada every year, and more qualified pharmacists are required. The good news is that pharmacists often work well into old age, and a massive retirement of pharmacists is expected in the near future.

Essentially, a pharmacist is an expert in drugs and medical supplies. He oversees the dispensing of drugs and advises patients on their use. Gradually, the scope of activities of qualified pharmacists is expanding. In some provinces of Canada, pharmacists can now renew prescriptions and prescribe certain medicines themselves. In the coming years, Canada is expected not only to increase the demand for pharmacists, but also to increase their average salary, along with higher requirements and additional responsibilities.

Average salary:  $ 50 an hour

Where most jobs are offered:  New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia

Highest-paid regions:  Quebec, Alberta, and Manitoba

What education is needed:  a bachelor’s degree and a license from a province or territory.

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