How to get a good Place of Primary Assignment PPA in NYSC

NYSC Terms you should know as a Corps Member
How to get a good Place of Primary Assignment PPA in NYSC

How to get a good Place of Primary Assignment PPA in NYSC.

What is the meaning of PPA in NYSC?

PPA is an acronym for Place of Primary Assignment (PPA). After finishing the NYSC camp’s twenty-one (21) day orientation program. You will be assigned to a primary assignment location (PPA). You will be expected to perform selfless service to your country as part of your PPA; the good news is that there are ways to influence your PPA posting.

It’s a good reason to rejoice if you’ve been assigned to a state of your choice as part of the national youth service corps (NYSC). It’s possible that the orientation camp is the reason you prefer that state. If that’s the case, the next thing to consider is your principal assignment location (PPA). On the last day of camp, it is delivered to CM.

How to get a good Place of Primary Assignment PPA in NYSC

A department is in charge of assigning corp members (CM) to various PPA. Before publishing CM there, they take into account a variety of things. You can, however, indirectly influence your posting to a positive outcome. You can make your decision indirectly, or they can make it for you.

Prior to Camp, Selecting A PPA

It is quite possible to begin influencing your PPA prior to attending camp. One or more of the guides can be followed.


You will be requested to enter your current and permanent home addresses during registration. NYSC sends CMs to a PPA near their home address. So, if you want to work in a specific location, include the area’s home address. If you don’t live in the region, find someone who does and use their address instead. Even better, create one. However, be aware that you may be assigned to a PPA with no arrangements for housing. That is why, unless you have plans, I will advise you to pick a location where you currently reside.

For example, if there is a place to live in Ikeja, a CM serving in Lagos State and living in Lekki can utilize the ikeja address. Such individuals will be dispatched to Ikeja.

Letter of Request:

A request letter is the simplest technique to obtain a good PPA. It’s straightforward. If you enjoy a company, you can apply to work there for a period of time. They may send you a request letter if they like you. The request letter must include the company’s letterhead, your full name, your NYSC call-up number, and a place for the state code. The state code will be handed to you at camp, and you should write it down. The request letter is delivered to the deployment and relocation department at camp.

This no-private-firm regulation is quite tight in several NYSC states. As a result, if the employer has not written to NYSC for CM posting, they may not honor it. They will want to place you with a company that has applied and is close to your home. However, if no other firm is available, they may have little choice but to accept. So look for a company that collaborates with NYSC.

Selecting A PPA Throughout Camp:

Camp CMs who are very active are assigned to good PPAs. Surprisingly, they don’t seem to be any more active than the rest of us. They just joined one group and stayed in that group the entire time. They will be recommended for special PPA if they are always in a group and the group inspector, who is a camp official, notices the zeal that such a CM brings to the group.

Most camp administrators have one or two slots set aside to assist excellent CM they are familiar with in obtaining good PPA. Except for the soldiers.

Clinic at Camp:

This is the greatest group to join for pharmacists and other medical professionals. They look after the ailing camp officials and the camp manager. When it comes to posting, the camp chief pharmacist and assistant usually have the upper hand. That’s without taking into account the other members of the group.

The Red Cross is a non-profit organization that
In camp, there are numerous emergency scenarios. It was common for CM to pass out. It will be difficult for camp administrators to deal with such situations. As a result, medical personnel such as pharmacists are welcome to join this group in order to save lives. Their numbers are dispersed around the camp. They also appreciate receiving positive feedback.


They are in charge of disseminating information, organizing social activities in camp, and maintaining sound equipment. Journalists, engineers, authors, media personnel, and other professionals are needed. Become a member and receive one of the greatest PPAs in the state.

Members of the band:

A CM group with a lot of respect. They provide the beat for parades, the NYSC anthem, and the national anthem. They are always offered a high-quality PPA.

Religious Organizations:

In the NYSC orientation camp, there are three approved religious gatherings. These rallies attract a large number of camp authorities. They’re on the lookout for exceptional CMs who are actively involved in these events. Active CM in these groups can also be assigned to religious organizations that require their assistance.

MMA (Martial Arts):

This group is taught how to defend oneself in the event of a confrontation. They were summoned to greet a visiting guest at camp. Their members appreciate fantastic posts as well.

Leader of the Platoon:

On the first day of camp, the Platoon Leader is chosen. They are the first to return and are chosen based on the number of active members or by nomination. The platoon inspector can influence such CM postings to positive PPA if they are effective in their line of duty.

Social Interactions:

Participating in sports and activities can put you in a better position to achieve a high PPA. However, because there are so many events and people, good PPA is not guaranteed.

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