How to Print NYSC green card

How to Print NYSC green card
How to Print NYSC green card

How to Print NYSC green card.

This article covers the following;

  • Meaning of NYSC Green card
  • Features of the Green Card and
  • How to print NYSC Green card

During online registration at the NYSC portal, your registration will not be completed until you print
your Green Card slip.

Note: NYSC ‘Green card’ is not literally green in colour. The word ‘Green’ only show how
important the document is.

What is Nysc Green Card?
The NYSC Green Card is an online registration print out slip. It’s printed after online registration
showing that your registration is successful. It is also needed at NYSC orientation for physical
It will be available within 24hours of successful registration.

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FEATURES OF NYSC GREEN CARD | What the green slip looks like.

The Green Card contains the following information;
• NYSC Logo, with NYSC letter heading including the head office address
• Batch you are currently in and year of service
• Call-up number: it’s a unique identification number athat NYSC assign to every prospective
corps member.
• Personal Details: this includes, your name, date of birth, state of origin, and so on.
• Contact: Your address, phone number and state visited.
• Next of kin details: Name, number and address of your next of kin
• Education qualification: Grade, Institution, year of graduation, course of study.

The NYSC Green card can only be printed online after completing your online reg including payment.
There’s no other way it can be gotten except by printing it out.

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• Go to the NYSC portal at

• Login to your dashboard with your registered e-mail address and password.

• Click “Resume”.

• Scroll down and Look for “Print Slip button”.

• Click “Print Slip”.

• Once you click on ”Print slip”, a new screen will open up showing preview of your Green Card

• You will then see “Open” for those using phone (Google Chrome browser)

tap open and your green card will download automatically in PDF format.

• Take to any cafe, or any business center and print.
Going back to same cafe you registered to print is at no cost, but a different cafe will attract printing charges.

💚 Our foreign graduate might not get green card till after been evaluated and verified.

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