IPOB Bans Nigerian anthem in south-east schools

IPOB Bans Nigerian anthem in south-east schools
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IPOB Bans Nigerian anthem in south-east schools.

IPOB Bans singing of Nigerian national anthem in south-east schools.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has announced that the singing of the Nigerian national anthem in schools in the south-east will be prohibited from now on.

This was declared by Chika Edoziem, IPOB’s state director, in a New Year address revealing the proscribed separatist group’s plans for 2022.

Schools in the south-east, according to Edoziem, should exclusively teach “the Biafran national hymn.”

He also stated that all IPOB followers throughout the world would launch a global campaign to secure the release of the group’s leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

“The following are some of the initiatives and programs that the leadership will pursue aggressively in 2022. For the time being, these are the ones we can make public. Others will be revealed when the time comes,” Edoziem stated.

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“A global campaign for Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s unconditional release” (A Prisoner of Conscience). The ‘prisoner of conscience campaign’ will be the name of the campaign. All IPOB family members, Biafrans, and friends of Biafra are requested to update their social media profile images to our official campaign poster in support of this campaign.

Second, all IPOB families around the world are hereby instructed to carry out the prior directive. We will stage a global demonstration in towns and capitals all over the world. The British embassies, the British Parliament, 10 Downing Street, Kenyan embassies, the Zoo Nigerian embassies, and international organizations such as the UN, the EU, Amnesty International, and media houses will be the focus of our protest.

Still on “IPOB Bans Nigerian anthem in south-east schools”:

In IPOB, the DOS will create a new department to complement those currently in place under the directorate of state. The department will be known as the IPOB Department of Education. Our first job is to teach our children about our history, language, custom, and culture. In support of this, we are planning to publish three volumes in the coming year. Biafran writers will be urged to submit novels and educational materials for our children in primary and secondary schools after the name of the department’s head is made public.

There will be no more Nigerian national anthems in all Biafraland schools starting tonight. Our youngsters must no longer be informed on a daily basis that they are oppressed by singing the oppressor’s national hymn. It is the obligation of school administrators and proprietors to teach our children our patriotic anthem, the Biafran National Anthem.

Is it true that IPOB has banned Nigerian National Anthem?

Yes, on the 3rd of January 2022, The IPOB Indigenous Peoples of Biafra declared a ban on the Singing of Nigerian National Anthem in Schools situated in the South East region, Biafra Land.

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