JAMB mock exam questions and answers for 2022 UTME

JAMB mock exam questions for 2022 UTME

JAMB mock exam questions and answers for 2022 UTME.

According to the updates we’ve received thus far on the JAMB 2022 Mock Exam Live Updates thread, the 2022 Mock Exam went smoothly. We’ve created this post in response to requests from candidates who did not take the JAMB mock exam. It will contain some of the questions that were asked in the mock exam.

The goal is to provide candidates new ideas about the types of questions they might expect on the main exam and to encourage them to improve their preparation for the exam, which begins on May 6th, 2022.

JAMB mock exam questions for 2022 UTME

We have drafted out some of the questions asked in the JAMB mock exam questions for 2022 UTME. We compiled these questions and answers from random candidates who wrote the mock examination.

According to Jecyblizz: on JAMB mock exam questions and answers for 2022 UTME.

My question experienceJecyblizz,

On English
We had on comprehension 5 questions under it, One close test with 10 questions under it, Life Changer with 7 questions under, sentence completion, antonyms and synonyms, oral English , etc.
Comprehension bothers on the topic of letter writing, how it is important in day to day life.

1. What was Talle’s crime?
2. Where did Talle run into when he heard the police siren?
3. Why did the people of Lafayette notice that Talle has committed the crime.
Answer. Because of his uneasiness
4. How many years has the Lafayette reign before Talle’s crime?
5. What’s was the kidnapper Taller collaborated with?
Ans. Zaraki
6. Where did the Police tell Talle to take them to?
Ans. His house where he kept the boy kidnapped
7. How much did the kidnappers demand from the man?
a. ₦250,000 b. $350,000 c. ₦350,000
The questions on life Changer is found in Chapter 3, everything about Talle

In Antonyms we had words that we were told to find the opposite like :
a. Terse b. Garrulous
A. Rowdy b. Decorous c. Tranquil
A. Frugal b. Miser c.
A. Erratic b. Coerced c.

For the case of Synonyms, they are:
A. Eagerly b. Fervently c. Speciousness
A. Would b. Sure c. Bush d. Crush
A. Incipient b. Imminent c. Pending
B is correct
A. B. Rancid
For possible interpretation:
The meaning of these terms
I. Blow of the handle
Ii. Given the boot
Iii. Play your cards close to your chest
Iv. Putting on a long face
Sentence completion
If I could, I _______
a. Can b. Could c. Will d. Would
This is a…… organisation.
A. Woman b. Womens c. Women’s d. Womens’

For oral
A. Bale b. Bail c. Aisle d. Hale .. this question was repeated twice.
A. Seal b. Led c. Made d. Beak
Also saw Stress; emphatic stress, word stress and question tags.

When is main JAMB Exam 2022 starting?

JAMB exam will start on May 6th, 2022.

Topics on blood group, genetics, evolution, adaptation, body systems, identifying parts of a pant.. etc
The hormone which tones up the muscles of a person in time of danger is produced by?
The mode of nutrition exhibited by tapeworm is what?
One of the following is a common feature of radial symmetry
The supporting tissue of xylem is poorly developed in where?
The thoracic cavity is seperated from abdominal region by a dome-shaped muscles known as?
The function of chloroplast is?
The shape of heart from the amphibian fishes down to human he is what type of evolutionary study?

The evolutionary study that involves the foetal is what?

What does animal and plant cells have in common
A. Central vacuole b Chloroplast c. Cell membrane d. Cell wall

Force, motion, quantities, heat capacity, waves and lences, energy, power, electrolysis, bonding, waves, lens, momentum
Red+Green is what?
The function of a split ring commutator in a DC circuit is what?
Young modulus of a material is what?
What is the dimension for (v=at) where v is velocity

A luminous object can be seen when it
A. Diffract light b. Reflect light

A wave whose vibration are only produced in one place is called?
The relationship between capacitor and dielectric material is?

A radioactive substance has a half life of three days and a mass of 15g, what was it’s mass 18days ago?

Mass of copper deposited when 0.25A of electricity is passed through it for 60mins is?

The Earth magnetic field consists of line pointing to what direction?
In an electronic device, the output voltage is through
A. Collector b. Base c. Emitter

Chemical equilibrium, metals, alkyne family, efflorescence, organic chemistry aspects, gas laws, titration,
How many grams of aluminium will be deposited by 0.1F? (AI = 27)

How many electrons are transferred in the reaction Zn + CuSO5 (ZnSO4 + Cu)

Which of the following is involve in the manufacturing of solid fat
A. Chlorine b. Oxygen c. Nitrogen d. Hydrogen

Water used in preparation of drug must be
A. Chlorinated b. Distilled
Effect of water fertilizer and insecticide in water bodies
A. Increases water oxygen level
B. Reduces oxygen level in water
C. Insecticide and fertilizer dissolve fast

Solubility of gas is differently proportional to
A. Volume b. Temperature c. Pressure

The colorless gas produce due to the action of calcium carbonate on cold water is
A. Propyne b. Ethyne c. Ethane

The electrolysis of CuSO4 using platinum electrode makes the solution to become
A. Basic b. Neutral c. Acidic

What is the substance used for stomach disorder?
Spreading of bromine in water Exodus which kinetic theory?
A. Diffusion b. Osmosis

C6H1206 + O2 (Y + O2 what is Y
CJ3CH=C (CH3)2
What is the IUPAC name of the above compound.

Lose of water from Na2CO3.10H 2O is called
A. Efflorescence b. Deliquesce c. Hygroscopy

The number of electron in Person sub shell of the atom of Na is?

What does reforming improve in petrol?

According to Nneoma; on JAMB mock exam questions and answers for 2022 UTME.

Literary appreciation
Schemed to steal the secret (paradoxical, ironical, alliterative, oxymoron)
The season of the maggi is(summer, autumn, winter, spring)
The rhetorical question in the good morrow shows (tender his apology to his lover, show his commitment to his lover, awaken his lover’s memory, express his confusion about their relationship
The grieved lands predominant device is(flashback, paradox, repetition, oxymoron)
Literary texts
Second class citizen is it(linear, convoluted, circuitous, consequential)
Look back in anger
Alison’s father served in the military for – years(40, 30, 35, 45)
The play is an example of (domestic comedy, kitchen sink drama, theatre of the absurd, epic drama)
Jimmy supports(govt, military, rich,poor)
Unexpected joy at dawn
The challenge that causes Nii to leave Ghana is(marital, religio-political, social-political, personal)
The central character is (Mama, Nii, Massa, Aaron)
Wuthering heights
Heathcliff retaliates against (linton and dinnery, linton and Catherine, linton and ellen, linton and earnshaw)
English language
In the comprehension passage they asked what jocular/trivial means and what acumen means to
The register was on population
Opposite in meaning
Verbose- terse(was one of the options i didn’t write all)
loath- coerced and erratic (part of the options i didn’t write all)
generous-frugal(was one of the options i didn’t write all)
Serene- rowdy and decorous (part of the options i didn’t write all)
Nearest in meaning
putrid- rancid((was one of the options i didn’t write all)
looming- incipient and imminent (part of the options i didn’t write all)
earnestly- fervently and eagerly (part of the options i didn’t write all)
Jury(bush, crush, sure, would)
Consonant sounds
aSSurance(stitch, sow, shoe,chew)
Vowel sound
stEAk(beak, made, led, seal)
bile(bail, bail, aisle, hale)the bail was written two times
This is a – organisation
(woman, womens, woman’s, women’s)
2 questions from emphatic stress was asked
The life changer questions were asked from here too
four syllabic words

Christian religious knowledge

How many years did king Josiah reign in Jerusalem (10, 20, 31, 30)
Asa reigned for (42, 41, 40, 45)
This is my beloved son with whom I am well pleased (crucifixion, resurrection, transfiguration, ascension)
I didn’t write any questions from Government

According to Bryan; on JAMB mock exam questions and answers for 2022 UTME.

1. Red + Green gives what?
Answer- yellow

2. The function of a split ring commutator in a D.C circuit is ?
Answer- The purpose of split ring is to reverse flow of current after every half rotation of the coil and make coil rotate in a single direction.

3. A resistance of 95.2 ohms is placed at the ice point of a thermometer . what corresponding ohm gives 19.4 degree celcius (incomplete question)

4. The formula for youngs modulus is given as?
Answer- Tensile stress/ Tensile strain

5. A substance has a decay constant of 3 days with 15g now . how much grams had it 18 days ago?
Answer- 960g

6. The effect of hydrogen bubbles in a cell can lead to ?
Answer- Reduction of emf and Polarization.

1. One of the main factors affecting the abiotic part of the ecosystem is?
Answer- Rainfall

2. The possesion of swim bladder in fish is used for?

3. which of the following is a producer in a sucessional environment
Answer- Grasses

4. The adaptation of white mangrove in a salty water marsh/habitat is ?

5. The thick bark of trees in the savanah is to enable ?
Answer- Loss of water

6. What level contains the creepers and climbing plants in a tropical rainforest ?
Answer- Lower level

7. which of the following is present in an open circulatory system
Answer- Haemocoels

8. The adaptation of epiphytes to their surroundings include?
Answer- Leaves reduced to spines

9. (Drawing of a dicotyledonous stem)
the part labelled IV indicates ?
answer- Xylem

10. (Same drawing of dictotyledonous stem) The function of the part labelled IV includes? Answer- Conducting water and dissolved mineral salts

11. The root hairs emerge from what layer of the root ?
Answer- Epidermis

12. The difference occouring in different originations of similar species indicate?
Answer- Divergent evolution

13. (Drawing of a flower) The part labelled VI is ? Answer- The receptacle

14. Glucose + Oxygen —– X + Co2 + Energy … what is X ?
Answer – Water

15. The washing of chemicals and fertilizers into the soil could lead to ?
answer- Reduction of aquatic life

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JAMB Change of Course, Institution / Data Correction

1. An example of an emulsion is
Answer- milk

2. a solution was mixed with dilute trioxonitrate(v) acid and further with silvertrioxonitrate(v) . The ion present is
Answer- Cl ion

3. The solubilty of gases depend on ?
Answer- Temperature and pressure

4. Under what conditions can air be liquiefied ? Answer- Low temperature and High pressure

5. The main difference between calcium and copper relating to their
Answer- Partially filled d orbitals

6. The phenomenon whereby a salt Na2CO3.H2SO4 looses molecules of water on exposure to air indicates?
Answer- Efflorescence

7. In the electrolysis of Cu2SO4 with platinum electrodes the resulting solution becomes . Answer- Acidic

8. The main difference between a strong acid and a weak acid is ?
Answer- A strong acid ionizes completely while a weak one ionizes partially

9. The structural formula for amino acids includes ?
Answer – R–C–COOH (Attached on the C is a hydrogen on one side and a NH2 on the other)

10. Why dont Alkanones react with fehlings solution and tollens reagent ?
Answer- Because it requires a greater level of oxidation which such solutions and reagents dont supply .

11. The action of calcium carbide on cold water gives what?
Answer- Ethyne

12. Which of the following is involved in soap making with oils
Answer- Hydrogen

13. The reduction of ethanoic acid gives?
Answer – Ethanol

14. C6H12O6——– 2C2H5OH + 2Co2 .. The enzyme involved is ?
Answer- Zymase

15. The advantage of Reforming over cracking is ??

16. A solution containing 0.1M of NaOH of 25cm3 was mixed with 27.40cm3 of Hcl . What is the concentration of the acid? (Hint: Use Ca.Va / Cb.Vb = na/nb) . The hint wasnt given during the exam .

17. The water used in drug industries must be ? Answer – Distilled

18. A mixture of Iron fillings and sand can best be separated by?
Answer- Magnetization

19. An Element X belongs to group IA and Y belongs to VII group .. what can be deduced ?
Answer- The compound formed will be ionic and be able to dissolve in water

20. Which of the following has all its shells complete ?
Answer- 1S2 2S2 2P6

21. The colour of Fe2+ and Fe3+ respectively are?
Answer- Dirty green and Brown

22. Chlorine is gotten by ?
Answer- Electrolysis of brine

23. (Drawing of a set up of preparation of chlorine pointing at elements in a tube labelled X) The part labelled X indicates ?
Answer- KclO3 and MnO2.

We believe that this post was very helpful to you, especially to make you recall the mock exam questions.

Disclaimer: The questions and answers posted here were not gotten directly from JAMB. The source: obtained from candidates who wrote the exam. Therefore, we do not endorse that they may be all correct.

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