List of States that pay NYSC members extra allowee money

List of States that pay NYSC members extra money
List of States that pay NYSC members extra money
NYSC Members

List of States that pay NYSC members extra money.

The federal government of Nigeria, through the National Youths Service Corps pays a monthly fee to all Corps Members all through their one year service period.

This monthly fee that is paid to the NYSC members is often referred to as Allowee.

Currently, the government is reportedly paying a sum of Thirty Three Thousand Naira only N33,000 to each member.

Most Corps Members, especially those who don’t have good financial background or backup, rely on this money for feeding, clothing, shelter and other basic necessities. Some even manage it to a point that they deny themselves certain things like pleasures etc, so as to have little savings upon completion of service.

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For this reason, most prospective corps members PCMs tend to look forward to a place of primary assignment, where they can receive extra money to meet up with demands.

State Allowance paid to NYSC Members

Some states in Nigeria do pay allowance to NYSC Members to support the N33,000 the Federal government do pay.

We are going to list some of the States in Nigeria that pay State allowance to NYSC Members, with their respective Allowee.

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Unlike the Federal government NYSC allowance, the State government allowance is not fixed.

List of States that pay NYSC members extra money

  1. Anambra pays N8,500
  2. Jigawa pays N5,000
  3. Niger pays N0.00
  4. Imo pays N0.00
  5. Ebonyi pays N9,750
  6. Nasarawa pays N5,000
  7. Akwa Ibom pays N5,000
  8. Edo pays N0.00
  9. Oyo pays N4,000
  10. Kano pays N0.00
  11. Rivers pays N15,000
  12. Bayelsa pays N6,000 and N10,000 to those serving across the water.
  13. Abia pays N0.00
  14. Benue pays N0.00
  15. Plateau pays N0.00
  16. Enugu pays N950 for those in town and N3,000 to those serving in villages.
  17. Sokoto pays N45,000 (accumulation) only at the end of serving year
  18. Ekiti pays N0.00
  19. Osun pays N5,000
  20. Taraba pays N6,000
  21. Ondo pays N0.00
  22. Ogun pays N0.00
  23. Borno pays N10,000
  24. Delta pays N5,000
  25. Gombe pays N0.00
  26. Lagos pays N10,000
  27. Bauchi pays N0.00
  28. Kaduna pays N0.00
  29. Zamfara pays N5,000
  30. Cross-River pays N0.00
  31. Kwara pays N0.00
  32. Abuja pays N0.00
  33. Kogi pays N0.00
  34. Katsina pays N3,800 (for only 3months and they will stop paying you)
  35. Yobe pays N0.00

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