NUC ranks UI the Best University in Nigeria 2021

NUC ranks UI the Best University in Nigeria 2021

NUC ranks UI the Best University in Nigeria 2021.

National Universities Commission (NUC) ranks University of Ibadan (UI) the Best University in Nigeria 2021

The University of Ibadan, UI, has been ranked first by the National Universities Commission (NUC) in its latest 2021 list, which was issued on Monday.

One hundred and thirteen (113) universities from around the country were included in the rating, which was based on twelve indicators.

Latest School News gathered that the universities were graded based on the total number of full-time students, the number of international students, the student-to-staff ratio, efficiency, the Google Scholar index, and their impact to the knowledge economy.

Other criteria include the amount of international employees, the percentage of full-time accredited programs, and the total number of citations per capita, among others.

Professor Peter Okebukola, the lead presenter, revealed this in Abuja on Monday during a capacity building workshop on improving the ranking of public universities in Nigeria, organized by Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND). Okebukola, who spoke on the overview of global university rankings and the place of Nigerian higher education in the knowledge economy, said the full report would be made available to NUC and uploaded on a website.

“Nowhere in the world can you find a rating system that does what Nigeria has done.” University of Ibadan is top for the 2021 edition, based on the 12 indicators that will be produced, followed by Federal University of Technology Akure.

“We’ll look at the indications we used this year next year to see if there are any items we can add or remove.” As a result, it will be an annual event,” he explained.

He was disappointed, however, when some universities did not participate in the ranking, and he encouraged them to do so in the following rating, which has become an annual event.

The entire ranking report, which includes the finest university in each region of the country as well as detailed information, will be published as soon as possible.

Prof Elias Bogoro, the executive secretary of the TETFund, had earlier stated that the workshop was part of TETFund’s strategy to reposition Nigeria’s university system.

According to him, Nigerian colleges are not performing well in global rankings, necessitating the need to reposition and promote them to the rest of the world.

“The situation is so terrible and concerning that it necessitates reflection and action on the side of the government, Nigerian intellectuals, and the Nigerian people.”

“It’s difficult in the sense that the performance of our colleges is linked to the nation’s advancement and development. If Asian countries can reach to such enviable positions in the world university rankings, nothing can stop Nigerian colleges from doing the same if they are that driven.

“Poor investment in university growth by several levels of government is one of the concerns highlighted as impeding Nigerian universities’ progress and performance in the worldwide ranking of world universities.”

Bogoro, speaking on the “Requirement for Strengthening Nigerian Universities for Higher Global Ranking,” said Nigerian universities must be repositioned to be competitive and to lead in research and innovation in order to promote our country’s and economy’s growth.

He also pushed all lecturers to pursue a PhD as a requirement for teaching.
Professor Abubakar Adamu, the executive secretary of the National Universities Commission (NUC), promised that the ranking in 2022 would be substantially higher.

He praised the committee for developing a unique pattern for evaluating Nigerian universities, saying that in order to compete with the world’s oldest universities, Nigerian tertiary education need continual increased funding.

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