How to get NYSC Direct posting or Relocation to Lagos | Sure plug

How to get NYSC direct posting or Relocation to Lagos | Sure plug
How to get NYSC direct posting or Relocation to Lagos | Sure plug
How to get NYSC direct posting or Relocation

How to get NYSC Direct camp posting or Relocation to Lagos or any State of your choice.

Is it possible to get NYSC direct posting to Lagos State camp or any other States?

Yes! It is real and possible.

Latest School News have brought you that solution that you’ve longed for! Please read this post patiently, every part is important.

Why you should consider Lagos state as preferred place for NYSC camp, Place of Primary Assignment (PPA)

Lagos State is a place with the highest level of development and job recruitment opportunities. In Lagos, Nigeria irrespective of the course you studied in the university, you always have the opportunity to be employed.

Currently, even without making good grades in your academic discipline, but you have Tech skills such like programming, Data analysis, Accounting, MS office etc, and you know for sure you can do it well, you can easily get employed to any organisation in need of your skills (There are lot of companies).

Infant, did you know that in Lagos state, Nigeria, NYSC grant corp member the privilege of getting a work request letter from their preferred company.

For instance, if you wish to work in company A, it is very easy to get your wish granted, so long as you can get a request letter from that company.

What is request letter?

NYSC request letter is a letter issued to you by a company, telling NYSC that they have a position for you to get employed.

All you have to do is to get this letter, then proceed to NYSC secretariat or Local Government for documentation.

Another reason to consider serving in Lagos is that most companies pay their Corp Members very well. Most in average pay from N40k and above, upto N180k and more!

Any where you get posted to in Lagos state is a City. There is no real village area inside Lagos, be it in the mainland or island.

Irrespective of the road traffic which most people hate, if you are lucky enough to get NYSC Place of Primary Assignment that do remote work (Work from home), you’ll enjoy!! Many companies accept remote work as it is more effective. Even if you don’t have a laptop or data for internet connection, they may provide you with them for free (but may return the laptop after serving).

Lagos state is mostly filled up with professionals. Most people in Lagos are a combination of educated people from all over Nigeria. Therefore, everyone try as much as he can to obey the law. For this reason, security is very operational and effective. You don’t need to live in fear over anything.

The reason why some people don’t like NYSC service in Lagos state

Lagos is very much populated. There is much road traffic especially in the early and late hours of the day, and it is a big factor to reckon. A distance of 15 minutes can end up taking like 2hrs, due to road traffic. The population of Lagos has recorded over 15 million people. Most of the people go to work everyday. Hence, from 7am to 11am, the road is much saturated with various kinds of cars, with people heading to reach work early. This gives rise to slow road movement. Also, between the hours of 5pm and 9pm, these people will be returning from work, the road gets filled up with cars again, making traffic to increase.

Another reason why people may not like serving in Lagos is because of house rent. Rent in Lagos is very expensive. You pay huge amount of money for a little and or old apartment (New houses are very much expensive). The major reason is this: the environs of Lagos is filled up with water / swaps. Hence, if you wish to build a house, you spend excess money filling up the foundation with cement, sand, gravel etc. The foundation is constructed to a level strong enough to carry the weight of the building. Because of these extra expenses accumulated, the house owner would want to recover back via rent. Thus, he place the rent at a price high enough to suit the average expenses made while erecting the building.

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Utilities / tax such as NEPA bill is very much. Following the industrious nature of the State, the demand for electricity is high. Economically, when the demand of something is high, the commodity becomes scarce, and the value automatically spikes up, therefore it becomes expensive to afford.

Other things to consider include, cost of living in general. This envelopes cost of transportation, clothing, feeding, and other necessary activities such like sports, gymnastics, recreation etc. They are a bit expensive compared to other states.

How to get NYSC direct posting or Relocation to Lagos State | Sure plug

There is deceit and scam everywhere, infant I was a victim during my time. I was scammed twice, till I later got a direct and sure plug. I paid three times heavily, just to get relocated from North to Lagos.

However, the good news is that I finally got it right at last, and here to save you from making mistakes of falling victim to Lagos.

Things to note:

  • There are NYSC scammers everywhere
  • The real NYSC direct plug is very few
  • The direct posting isn’t cheap, but it is affordable, anyone collecting cheap money may not be real!
  • Beware: You must only get direct posting / relocated to the state you paid for!! Anything like you were giving another state as a second state, after paying is a Scam! (Eg: paying for Lagos and then getting Ogun state), pure Scam!!!
  • For those who wish to relocate from North or wheresoever to Lagos or any other state, you must not fill any medical report. (It is not needed! Don’t spoil your NYSC records with a sickness you never had)!
  • Even if you wish to change from one state to another 10 times!! We can do it, so long as you have to money to pay.
  • We are real, we’ve come to rescue Prospective / Corp Members from scammers.
  • For further information/ enquiries, message us.

For those interested, whatever the issue is, be it Direct posting, Relocation, Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) changing, changing your name, or whatever! Contact us ~ (Tap the “Contact/Message us” button below).

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