NYSC Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

NYSC Terms you should know as a Corps Member
NYSC Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

NYSC Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

Brief description of NYSC:

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) was established by the Nigerian government during the military dictatorship to engage Nigerian graduates in nation-building and development. This is referred to as the national service year.

The purpose of NYSC?

The goal of the NYSC, which was established three years after the end of the Nigerian civil war, was to heal the scars of the conflict and instill a spirit of nation-building.

Benefits of NYSC?

To encourage Nigerian youngsters to build self-employment skills in order to foster a sense of self-reliance. Contribute to the acceleration of the national economy’s growth. To foster national unity and integration among Nigerian youngsters through the development of common bonds.

NYSC Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Below are some NYSC Frequently Asked Questions and Answers;

Question:- Do NYSC delay mobilisation for national service?

Reply:- Except in cases where the institutions of graduation have failed to upload their names for mobilization, NYSC does not delay their mobilization. Any delays experienced by foreign trained graduates are due to their failure to upload required documents online or their failure to come for physical verification.

Question:- What are the requirements and procedures for qualifying foreign trained graduates’ online registration, physical verification, evaluation, and clearance?

Reply:- PCMs (Nigerian Graduates) should check their names against the approved Senate/Academic Board list that respective institutions have submitted.

For registration, all PCMs are required to create an account.

Graduates with a foreign education are required to upload their original academic and travel documents.

All foreign-trained graduates are required to attend at their designated centers for physical verification of their academic and travel documentation.

Question:- What happens to eligible graduates who did not pay for online Callup letter printing?

Reply:- A Prospective Corps Member who did not pay for the online printing of his or her call up letter can pick it up at his or her graduating institution or at NDHQ for foreign trained grads. This has no bearing on the issue of a call-up number or a letter.

Question:- What is the procedure for obtaining an Exemption Certificate and a Letter of Exclusion for graduates who are unable to serve?

Reply:- PCMS are required to register on the NYSC website. The system has been developed to deploy, exempt, or exclude people based on their eligibility during the registration procedure.

Exempted Nigerian graduates will receive their Certificate of Exemption from their institutions, while foreign trained graduates will receive theirs from the NYSC Directorate Headquarters.

Those who have been excluded, on the other hand, will be able to print the Letter of Exclusion online.

Question:- What happens if foreign-trained PCMs claim to have uploaded required documents online, yet their dashboards still request that they be uploaded?

Reply:- PCMs who claim to have submitted required papers online but still have requests for them on their dashboards could be indicating one of the following:

1) The officer in charge of document verification has yet to attend to the case since their submission is in line and is dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis; or

2)PCM failed to upload the proper paperwork.

Question:- Why are PCMs required to report to camp on separate days? Are there any consequences if this agreement isn’t followed?

Reply:- The reason for the different reporting days to orientation camps is to avoid crowds and to comply with COVID-19 requirements.

Question:- With the rising rate of unrest in various parts of the country, several PCMs have expressed reservations about recent deployments to security-challenged states. What is the NYSC’s stance on this issue?

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Reply: NYSC Management has put in place adequate security in all orientation camps and is working in close collaboration with security authorities in all states of the federation to ensure that Corps members are safe. PCMs stationed in states designated as security challenged by the federal government, on the other hand, can request to be relocated due to insecurity.

Question:- How does a PCM’s Mobilisation status depend on his or her date of birth and/or graduation?

Reply:- These are the only dates that can help you figure out how old you’ll be when you graduate (either you are below thirty or above). It is the date of graduation as set by the institution’s senate.

Questions:- Is it possible to correct a date of birth error at camp?

Reply:- In camp, the date of birth cannot be changed. The provision is available on the NYSC website, where those who are affected can apply throughout the registration process.

Question:- When would Batch B Prospective Corps Members be mobilised?

Reply:- There is no set date at this time. The mobilization of the 2022 Batch B is tentatively set for July 2022, according to the NYSC calendar of events.

Question:- What should a foreign PCM expect if he or she has been cleared and given a clearance slip, yet the dashboard still says that the PCM has not been evaluated?


When a foreign PCM registers online, his or her information is subjected to TWO separate clearances. The following are some of them:
1) Evaluation – This is the process of reviewing all of a PCM’s uploaded documents to see if he or she has uploaded all of the required documentation.
2) Physical verification- This is the process in which a PCM arrives in person with all of the documents that have been uploaded for verification. The system will generate a clearance slip for a PCM to print once he or she has been cleared for physical verification.

If his dashboard still says “Not yet evaluated,” it could signify one of the following:

a) The assigned officer has not yet reviewed his or her uploaded documents; b) He or she has not uploaded the correct documents; or c) He or she has been evaluated but ICT has not yet assigned him or her a call-up number.

Question:- Is it possible for NYSC to accommodate all registered PCMs before opening the registration site to new applicants?

Reply:- Every mobilization procedure includes the opening of a portal. Priority will be given to individuals who have been mobilized but have been unable to deploy.

Question:- In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, what is NYSC doing to create an enabling atmosphere for Corps members?

Reply:- NYSC Management will continue to collaborate with the Presidential Steering Committee (PSC), the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC), and other relevant stakeholders to address the difficulty of mobilizing Corps members in the face of COVID-19 restrictions.

Question:- What happens to foreign-trained PCMs whose dashboards show “Account Suspended”?

Reply:- If the account of a foreign-trained PCM says “Account has been suspended,” it merely implies that the PCM failed the physical verification test.

Question:- How much is the current NYSC allowance?

Reply:- The Federal Government has increased the monthly allowance of members of the National Youths Service Corps (NYSC) to N33,000

More questions and answers are being compiled, however you can send in your own question via comment section below. We will give you a veritable and satisfactory reply.