Read to understand not to pass – Emmanuel, KASU Overall Best Graduate

Read to understand not to pass – Emmanuel, KASU Overall Best Graduate

Read to understand not to pass – Emmanuel, KASU Overall Best Graduate.

Ededa Emmanuel, the overall top graduating student at Kaduna State University (KASU) for the 2018/2019 term, has urged students to study hard and be disciplined in order to attain academic success.

Emmanuel, who graduated with a First Class in Micro Biology and a CGPA of 4.97, made the announcement during a Friday interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Kaduna.

Read to understand not to pass:

According to him, academic achievement was achieved via vision, discipline, sacrifice, maximizing chances, and putting God first in everything he did.

“Give it your all; one of the major issues kids encounter is forgetting or not understanding what they read, assuming it is unique to them, which is not the case.

The best minds in the world encounter this challenge, and the only difference is how they work regularly and persistently to solve it.

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“Repetition, repetition, repetition is the secret to academic brilliance; study constantly and repeat it; this is why most people who excel in academics are studious,” he stated.

Emmanuel went on to say that students should not necessarily read at night, but rather should figure out when they digest information and comprehend it best, and then read at that time.

He also stated that the easiest approach to achieve an A was to focus on knowing and understanding the course, which would result in an A.

He recommended pupils to abandon the “read to pass” study strategy in favor of the “read to comprehend” method, which prevents exam malpractice and cheating.

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