Study Abroad: How to find an accommodation easily

Study Abroad: How to find an accommodation easily

Study Abroad: How to find an accommodation easily.

Finding housing in a new, unknown country is one of the main questions that a student who leaves to live and study abroad is facing . Today, many European and American universities offer their first year students an annual placement on university campuses, while in some US educational institutions this type of residence is a prerequisite for new students.

Information on accommodation options can be found in university brochures on the website:

What are the pros of living on a student campus?

# 1 Living on the university campus, the student is constantly in close proximity to the university itself, the library and the computer lab, which greatly simplifies the process of using the opportunities provided by the university

# 2 Living near the university also allows the student not to waste time, effort and money on the everyday and tiring journey to the educational institution and back.

# 3 Joint pastime and living with other students usually helps a newcomer to quickly make new interesting acquaintances and join the local student life

# 4 A number of universities in the USA and other countries offer students living on campus regular meals in the university cafeteria, which saves the student from the problems associated with buying and preparing food, as well as from unnecessary expenses on food in city restaurants

# 5 Finally, all student campuses are equipped with medical centers, where emergency medical assistance will be provided to the student in case of illness or injury.

For some children, living on a university campus is not comfortable enough due to the need to follow certain rules adopted on the campus. In this case, there are a number of other possibilities for living in the new country.

If the student wants to experience the local lifestyle and culture, he can choose for himself the option of living with a family, which for a certain amount of money will provide him with a bed or a room in his house, as well as provide food.

There is also the option of staying in numerous student hostels that are not tied to specific universities. For little money, a student can live in a separate room or with other students. And finally, a student abroad can rent an apartment or a house on his own or with friends anywhere in the city.

Study Abroad: How to find an accommodation easily

What are the pros and cons of living off-campus?

# 1 Living off-campus, a student is not required to follow any university rules, which makes him feel much more comfortable and free

# 2 Undoubtedly, independent living in the city makes a person more independent and teaches him to the independence necessary to enter adulthood.

# 3 The territorial remoteness of the place of residence from the educational institution can make the everyday journey to the university more tiring and expensive

# 4 Lack of skills in cooking, cleaning, etc. for a student living on his own, may result in additional spending on payment for the relevant goods and services

# 5 Finally, a student intending to live alone in a foreign country must be ready to independently resolve issues related to medical care, insurance, utility bills, etc., which can be quite problematic, especially in the first year after moving

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If the university of your choice does not provide accommodation on the campus, or you yourself want to start living in another country completely on your own, then there are several common ways to easily and quickly find housing of the type you are interested in in another country.

How and where to look for suitable accommodation in a foreign country?

Study Abroad: How to find an accommodation easily:

# 1 The simplest of the above, off-campus accommodation options is to live with a local host family. Choosing this type of accommodation, you will not only feel free enough and learn the local language faster, but also get rid of the worries associated with household chores: cooking, washing and cleaning. You can find families that provide similar services in the city of your interest on the corresponding international sites on the Internet.

# 2 If you want to rent accommodation abroad with other students, then such international services as EasyRoommate will help you in finding suitable options. In addition, in student groups in various countries on Facebook and Vkontakte, you can easily find students looking for roommates in the city that interests you. Sharing an apartment or house with someone else is a great option for those who want to live in a comfortable environment and a good neighborhood, while paying only half or a third of the rent.

# 3 Numerous local real estate companies and student housing sites such as Studenthousing and Studentpad will help you find an apartment or house in another country. Given the increased interest in studying abroad, most realtors today offer students special budget accommodation options, such as small and inexpensive apartments in the city center.

When choosing a place to live in a country that is new to you, you should pay attention to a number of nuances that you may encounter. So, if your university provides accommodation on a campus, and you have chosen this option for yourself, then you should familiarize yourself in advance with the rules of the university regarding living on the campus, as well as with the conditions in which you will have to live in order to understand whether something is right for you. and other.

If you want to live with a local family, then pay attention to the decency and purity of the intentions of the members of this family, as well as the conformity of their housing and the level of offered food with the monthly payment that you will be asked.

If you decide to use the services of a realtor, then choose only serious agencies whose employees have a clear idea not only of the offered housing, but also of its owners. I am choosing an apartment or house for rent, pay attention to the safety of the area, neighbors and transport links.

And finally, when renting a house abroad, carefully read the terms of the rental agreement.

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