Top websites that discuss about internships abroad

Top websites that discuss about internships abroad

Top websites that discuss about internships abroad.

How to get legit internship opportunities to study abroad 2022? How to find real internships abroad easily? These sites will help you!

Whether you are a student, graduate or young professional, an internship abroad is what you need!

The internship will give you invaluable experience and open up wide opportunities for employment abroad and professional experience. Optionally, you can choose a paid or unpaid internship, full-time or part-time.

Doing an internship abroad is an opportunity not to be missed if you are at the beginning of your career path. In particular, the internship will allow you to:

  • get real work experience
  • develop practical skills
  • plunge into the chosen specialty
  • get to know different professional fields
  • develop communication skills
  • acquire professional contacts
  • build a career internationally
  • significantly improve your resume

List of top ranking websites that discuss / talk about internships abroad in 2022

How to find an internship abroad? Introducing the best international sites that are especially popular abroad and help young people around the world to find internships in different countries!

Top websites that discuss about internships abroad: (You can easily access these websites listed below by searching and visiting their official url on

  1. InternQueen
  2. Students Go Abroad
  3. Youtern
  4. Job monkey
  6. LinkedIn
  7. IdeaList
  8. WayUp
  9. The Intern Group
  10. GoAbroad


InternQueen is one of the best websites for students looking for internships abroad. It is an American portal to find internships in areas such as design, marketing, media, business, finance, and more. Internships are offered in various cities and states of America, primarily in Los Angeles, New York and Washington. In addition to easily finding paid and unpaid internships, the site has a section with helpful tips for students and alumni. For example, you can learn about writing the right resume, virtual internships, and employment in the United States.

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Students Go Abroad

The Students Go Abroad resource was created over 10 years ago in South Africa, and today it already has offices in 25 countries around the world, including Spain, New Zealand, the USA and Canada. The portal helps young people from all over the world to find internships, language courses, career development programs, summer courses and volunteer programs. The site offers a wide range of internships in different countries and different professional fields. Internships in medicine, marketing, architecture, engineering and technology are especially popular with students. On Students Go Abroad, students can not only find an internship or other interesting program, but also receive free expert advice. In 2020, the portal also launched a dedicated guide to internships, study and work abroad during the Covid-19 pandemic.


YouTern is another popular resource for finding the right internship abroad. You can register on the site through your Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook account. Then you can create your unique profile and start searching for internships in more than 100 large companies. Users also have access to advice and assistance from the experts of the portal. YouTern is ranked among the top online resources for finding internships and jobs by Mashable, Forbes, and the Huffington Post. The portal has already helped thousands of students, alumni and young professionals.

Job monkey

On the Job Monkey website, you can find interesting internships around the world. For example, the site has paid and unpaid internships for foreigners in countries such as the United States, India, China, Malaysia, Brazil, Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, Egypt, and Slovakia. A distinctive feature of the portal is that it presents not only the most popular student countries, but also rarer destinations. For example, Asian countries such as Singapore and China. This is a great site for students and alumni who want to travel, discover new career opportunities and earning opportunities. In total, the portal presents internships in more than 80 professional fields – from pedagogy and design to automotive and healthcare.

Founded in 2010, Internships is one of the world’s best sites for finding internships abroad. It is the largest internship portal that connects interested students, employers and educational institutions. The site is focused on the United States and offers over 23,000 open internships at over 149 companies across America. From electrical engineer to Instagram filter maker, there are all kinds of positions here! By the way, on the portal you can find not only an internship, but also a permanent job.


LinkedIn, one of the most effective platforms for connecting students and alumni with companies and employers, has also become popular in recent years for finding internships abroad. The portal, created in 2003, allows you to connect to a professional network in any industry, find internships and career development opportunities. You can also post your portfolio and resume here, and then contact the employer directly and tell him about your skills and experience.


On the IdeaList website, you can find an internship or permanent job, get a job in a volunteer or public organization in various countries of the world. The interface of the site is very user-friendly and allows you to quickly get acquainted with various interesting offers. The portal can be searched by type of internship, industry, country and city. Every month more than 1.4 million users visit the site to find internships and read useful tips about working abroad in a dedicated section.


WayUp is ideal for finding internships in the USA. The site features internships with companies in all US states and major cities, including New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Denver. It also has a wide variety of paid internships and summer work internship programs. WayUp features internships from globally renowned companies such as Unilever , Nielsen , L’Oreal , Johnson & Johnson , Disney and Starbucks . Internships in biology, computer science, engineering, fashion, architecture, nursing and economics can also be found here.

The Intern Group

The Intern Group is one of the best sites for finding internships abroad. The platform offers internships for university and college students, alumni, MBA students, students on academic leave, and working professionals. Here are internships in 14 popular destinations: Shanghai, Dublin, Melbourne, Tokyo, New York, California, Madrid, Hong Kong, Toronto, London, Chile, Colombia, Bangkok and Barcelona. Following current trends, the site also offers the Internet’s widest selection of online internships abroad. The number of professional industries is also impressive, including architecture, arts, finance, business, engineering, law, public work, PR and marketing, psychology, media and television, medicine, cybersecurity, IT, journalism, etc.


The popular GoAbroad website provides information on internships, volunteer programs, scholarships, jobs and travel around the world. It is an indispensable portal for those who constantly want to discover new horizons for themselves. GoAbroad offers internships for foreigners in relevant fields including business, law, medicine and marketing in Japan, Germany, Spain, Australia, South Africa, England and many other countries around the world.

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