Unusual professions abroad that pay students well

Unusual professions abroad that pay students well

Unusual professions abroad that pay students well.

Don’t want to sit in a stuffy office every day? Dreaming of a lucrative and exclusive profession that only you will have?

Whatever education you receive, there will definitely be a couple of outstanding vacancies that you will like.

In the modern world, it is quite easy to find application of your knowledge and experience in any area, in other words, an actor does not have to play in a movie or on stage, and not all veterinarians work in animal clinics. Experiment!

Unusual professions abroad that pay students well

Where to work abroad if you are an outstanding personality? Below are 25 unusual and well paid jobs that are available overseas.

Here is a list of Unusual professions abroad that pay students well.

Animal feed taster

In order to control the quality and safety of pet food … people try them! Such specialists earn about $ 24,500 a year.

What is important:  developed taste buds and readiness to taste this kind of food

What kind of education is needed:  does not play a fundamental role, the priority is education in the field of veterinary medicine, biology or the food industry

Lego sculptor

Lego sculptors are a kind of “big kids” who are responsible for building blocks for company stores and various events. They earn over $ 30,000 a year.

What’s important:  design skills and excellent product knowledge

What kind of education is needed:  designer or decorator

Professional standing in line

The position of a person standing in line instead of those who do not want to spend time and energy on this is already a thing of the past, but it still exists in some Western countries, for example, in Great Britain. There, you can earn about $ 24 per hour on this.

What’s important:  patience and fitness

What education is needed:  does not matter

Real seller of unreal things

No scams! In various computer games and real life simulators, players spend quite real money to buy houses and all kinds of things for their virtual heroes. The cost of such objects can go up to $ 2,000. Why not learn how to create or at least sell them online?

What is important:  knowledge of the audience and its needs, the ability to work in special programs

What kind of education is needed:  does not play a fundamental role, the priority is education in the field of computer design

Ice cream taster

Unusual professions abroad that pay students well:

The ice cream taster’s job is to sample different types of sweet treats and evaluate each type according to criteria such as taste, texture, smell and color. Often, tasters also help in the creation of new types of ice cream. For their work, they earn, on average, $ 56,000 per year.

What is important: to understand the product and have developed taste buds

What education is needed: education in the field of food processing and culinary.

Antique hunter

You can search for interesting antique jewelry, books, art and decor online or in local shops and then sell them on sites like eBay or your own online store. True, such a business will be profitable only when selling items, approximately 6 times more expensive than the purchase price!

What’s important:  sales skills and an eye for what will be in demand

What education is needed: A  specialized education in antiques, jewelry, arts, history, etc. is ideal.

Model of individual body parts

“Fashion model” is not always a face and a figure! You can also be a model in advertising jewelry, shoes and other items, where only your hands, feet, hair, ears, fingers, etc. will be photographed. The average earnings of these models is $ 20.

What is important:  experience and readiness to fulfill customer requirements, well-groomed skin, hair, nails, etc. (depending on specialization)

What education is needed:  does not matter

Forensic artist

Filming is prohibited at closed court hearings abroad, therefore, magazine and newspaper publications on this topic are accompanied by illustrations by court artists. This is a rare creative work, the effectiveness of which does not depend on inspiration!

What’s important:  Skills in creating realistic illustrations and being able to notice every detail

What education is needed:  art

Pearl catcher

A pearl catcher is an ancient, interesting and dangerous profession for true extreme lovers. Such work is paid accordingly – in America you can earn about $ 500 per day, and in Australia – up to $ 1,300 per day.

What is important: a  lot of experience and a high level of physical fitness

What kind of education is needed:  any that gives physical training and an understanding of the physiological processes in the body in the process of performing work

Clinical ethic

Unusual professions abroad that pay students well:

A clinical ethicist is a highly paid healthcare professional who provides an impartial position on a variety of medical issues, helping patients, their families and doctors make informed decisions. On average, experienced clinical ethicists earn over $ 70,000 per year.

What is important: knowledge of medical ethics, logical thinking and a stable psyche

What education is needed: higher general medical or specialized education

Mystery shopper

Companies and auditors hire mystery shoppers to check outlets for compliance with applicable standards and requirements. A mystery shopper can get up to $ 100 for one check.

What is important:  composure and strict adherence to the task, the ability to “not give yourself away”

What kind of education is needed:  does not play a fundamental role, in some cases – acting (especially for cooperation with TV programs)

Professional hugger

When someone is sad and lonely, professional huggers come to the rescue, ready to hug and support everyone who needs it. In our age of social isolation, these specialists are especially in demand, clients are ready to pay them up to $ 60 per day!

What’s important: a  sincere willingness to support the other person and a willingness to have close body contact

What kind of education you need:  psychological education is perfect


The name of this rare specialty comes from the English «flavor of» (trans. The taste, smell) and speaks for itself. A professional flavorist creates natural and artificial flavors. Such a specialist needs to have an extensive knowledge of botanical extracts, essential oils, fragrances and essences. The average income for flavorists is about $ 54,000 per year.

What’s important: specialized knowledge and developed sense of smell

What education is needed: priority is education in biochemistry or chemistry

Professional bridesmaid

A professional bridesmaid at a wedding performs all the functions of a real friend – she helps in preparing the bride, organizing a celebration, actively participates in the holiday, etc. You can get such a job at a specialized or wedding agency, and the average salary is $ 300-2,000 for one wedding.

What is important: the  ability to quickly adapt in an environment of strangers, positivity and openness

What education is needed:  Desired degree in event management and / or acting


Professional mourners have not sunk into oblivion at all, they are still hired to mourn and grieve for the deceased at a funeral. You can earn on this, on average, $ 35 per hour. By the way, not only women, but also men are hired for this job today.

What’s important : psychological readiness to work in a mournful environment and create that environment

What kind of education you need: it  doesn’t matter, but acting education can come in handy

Dog surf teacher

In many foreign resorts, surfing is taught not only to people, but also to their pets. In particular, there are joint activities for animals and their owners, as well as separate activities for animals. Positive emotions in such a job are guaranteed!

What’s important:  work experience and love for animals

What education is needed:  education is not as important as professional experience as a surf teacher

Voice actor

Do you have an acting ability, but you do not want to flicker in the frame or act on stage? You will be surprised, but professional dubbing of films, cartoons, TV and radio advertisements abroad can earn from $ 50,000 to $ 80,000 per year.

What’s important:  excellent diction and the ability to convey emotions in a voice

What education is needed:  acting.

Panda keeper

The world’s largest Panda Sanctuary in China employs special people to care for the loveliest animals in the world. Their responsibilities include caring for pandas, feeding and monitoring the condition of the animals. In addition, the work is of great ecological importance, since the preservation of the panda population is a serious global task! And you can earn good money – up to $ 32,000 per year.

What’s important: the  ability to work with animals

What education is needed:  priority is veterinary education

Google Street View Bike Rider

To cover areas inaccessible to the car, the company created a special tricycle with cameras as part of the Google Street View project. Managing such a bike is not easy, because it weighs over 100 kg, but the job promises to be truly exciting.

What’s important:  excellent physical fitness

What kind of education is needed:  does not play a fundamental role, sports education is a priority.

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Mannequin or living statue

Unusual professions abroad that pay students well:

You have probably seen people covered with gold or silver paint, the so-called “living statues”, on the streets of popular tourist cities. Did you know that this can earn you up to $ 100 per hour? By the way, mannequins are needed not only for the entertainment of tourists, they participate in exhibitions, fashion shows and numerous cultural and entertainment events. Of course, standing still is not easy, but this is a great opportunity to make good money.

What’s important: endurance and fitness

What education is needed: any

Chocolate taster

It is the responsibility of the chocolate taster to evaluate chocolate products aesthetically and tastefully, as well as to assess their smell and level of compliance with existing standards. Experienced tasters working with the largest chocolate makers earn between $ 30,000 and $ 60,000 a year.

What is important:  it is important to have an excellent knowledge of the product and the field of chocolate production, as well as to have the skills of an objective assessment

What education is needed:  education in the field of food industry and culinary

Psychologist for animals

Psychologists working with animals analyze the behavior of pets and explain to the owners the reasons for certain behavioral characteristics of the animal, helping them to overcome the problems that arise. By the way, the services of these specialists are becoming more and more in demand abroad, and they receive, on average, $ 28,000.

What’s important: the  ability to work with animals and love for them

What education is needed:  higher psychological and veterinary

Water slide inspector

Water parks and hotels hire water slide auditors to test them and give their opinion on the quality of the slides, their convenience, safety and the adrenaline rush factor. In addition to a decent fee, auditors often receive pleasant bonuses in the form of free meals or hotel accommodation.

What is important: the  ability to swim and knowledge of quality standards in this area

What kind of education is needed:  does not play a fundamental role

Consultant geneticist

Professional genetics consultants earn more and more every year. To date, their estimated earnings are over $ 80,000 per year. Specialists in this profile study the individual and family genetic code to identify the risk of hereditary diseases, deviations, defects and addictions. They advise clients and help them make the right decisions about treatment, prevention and lifestyle.

What is important: professional knowledge, the ability to communicate with people and an understanding of human psychology

What education is needed:  specialized higher education in the field of medicine and genetics.

Penguin flipper

One of the rarest professions on Earth, owned by only a few people. Experts work in places where penguins are settled (in particular, at polar stations in Antarctica), which also have runways. The essence of the work is simple – after takeoff and landing of aircraft, they put penguins on their feet, which were knocked over by a sound wave, and also monitor their health.

What’s important:  willingness to work in harsh conditions and love of animals

What kind of education you need:  priority is veterinary education.

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