We don’t have money to meet ASUU demands at once – FG

We don’t have money to meet ASUU demands at once – FG

We don’t have money to meet ASUU demands at once – FG.

The Federal Government, through Minister of Education Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, stated on Monday that resources were insufficient to meet all of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) demands at the same time.

The minister was criticizing the union’s assertions that the federal government was blackmailing it.

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“We cannot possibly be blackmailing them,” the Minister says. “We tried to explain to them that we will fulfill the agreements when we have the resources.” Agreements have been reached, and they must be carried through.

We don’t have money to meet ASUU demands at once – FG.

“However, we do not have all of the resources necessary to accommodate all of the demands at the same time.” The reality is, ASUU and the federal government are both working together. The purpose is to generate graduates who will serve Nigeria, as well as to maintain a seamless academic calendar.

“As a result, the government will always pay its debts; you do not need to go on strike to make your point.” They must understand that the government is not pitted against ASUU. It’s all about doing the right thing. Let’s make the best of what we have. There are numerous areas that require care.

All we’re saying is that whenever resources become available, we’ll take care of your needs; all you have to do now is keep the academic calendar running. So, where is the blackmail, please?”

Despite the fact that the government had failed to fully address all of the issues identified in the 2009 agreement and subsequent Memorandums of Understanding and Memorandums of Action between it and the Federal Government, ASUU declared it would not go on strike just yet.

This was the outcome of the ASUU National Executive Council meeting in Abuja to assess the implementation of the December 23, 2020 Memorandum of Action.

“It is certain, we are not going on strike,” ASUU National President Prof Emmanuel Osodeke said in a chat with one of our journalists on Sunday. ASUU will not go on strike; all other details will be included in our press release.”

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