Where to take a practice IELTS test exam

Where to take a practice IELTS test exam
Where to take a practice IELTS test exam
IELTS exam practice

Where to take a practice IELTS test to pass the exam

Practice is the key to success in preparing for the IELTS exam. And it’s not just about studying textbooks, communicating in English, reading books and watching English-language programs. It is imperative that you have a complete understanding of the exam structure and pass at least a few practice IELTS tests in order to assess your capabilities in the given conditions.

Where to take a practice IELTS test online to pass the exam

You can take a free trial IELTS test online not only in specialized exam preparation courses. They are also available to those preparing for IELTS on their own. You can find up-to-date online tests on the language exam websites.

For those asking, Where to take a practice IELTS online test to pass the exam? Latest School News have compiled a list of the best resources where you can find IELTS self paced tryouts.

IeltsOnlineTests .com

It is one of the best sites for practical IELTS preparation. The resource is used by millions of people from more than 120 countries of the world. More than 20 general IELTS tests and more than 100 academic tests can be taken on the website, as well as 3,000,000 tests already taken.

After passing the trial test on the site, you will be able to receive your results with a detailed explanation of the mistakes made. Not surprisingly, users of the resource note significant progress after this practice. And also, the site boasts a wonderful user-friendly interface, it is a pleasure to work here!

Ielts-Exam .net

Among the many useful IELTS preparation materials on this website, you will find practice tests covering all parts of the test.

The tasks of each exam are presented separately from each other, so on the site you can go testing in whole or only some of its parts. Having problems with one of the assignments? Here you will also find educational support materials to help fill existing knowledge gaps.

Mini-IELTS .com

This site allows you to practice two parts of IELTS absolutely free of charge and without registration – listening and reading. The site contains numerous practice tests that fully correspond to the real exam tasks.

Tasks can be independently sorted by popularity, time of addition, number and type of questions, choosing exactly those that will help you in preparation.  

TanestDEN .com

In 21 minutes on this site, you can complete the IELTS part of the reading test. In total, two current versions of the test are available to users.

From passing trial testing on the site, you can get far not only theoretical benefits. Every month, the site gives away a free online English course and an iPod to the users with the highest scores in the online test! Isn’t it a great additional motivation?

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TaketheIELTS.britishcouncil .org

The British Council has helped thousands of people around the world prepare for the successful IELTS test. You can also find the best sample self-study mock tests on the company’s website.

Reading, writing, speaking and listening – the resource will help you work out all the necessary skills using the example of real IELTS exam tasks. In addition, the website provides information on other options for effective preparation for testing.

IeltsBuddy .com

The many practice assignments on this resource are divided into two parts – assignments for general IELTS and assignments for academic IELTS. Depending on his goals, the user can prepare for those tasks that may fall for him.

Tests can be taken online or downloaded to your computer, and the section with tasks for the oral part covers topics that are often encountered at the last stage of the exam.

IeltsForFree .com

It is an extensive online resource with a lot of training and preparatory materials, as well as completely free practice tests online for everyone.

For each part of the exam, the site offers a range of practice assignments from real-life IELTS tests. Hotel assignments are also presented in two types, for general and academic testing. This year, the resource was recognized as one of the best IELTS sites on the Internet!

RoadToIELTS .com

Users of this popular site have two versions of IELTS online trial tests available – free and paid. Moreover, both are presented both in the form of general and in the form of academic exams.

By choosing the free assessment test option, you will be able to complete all parts of IELTS and assess your skills, as well as the level of preparation for the real test tasks that await you. The paid version will cost you $ 50 a month and will give you access to six practice exams, video tutorials, tutorials and 300 practice tasks.

IELTSNow .ru

The Russian resource offers several services for those preparing for IELTS. Firstly, here you can take free trial assignments to determine the general language level and the indicative IELTS score.

Secondly, users can sign up for a full-fledged IELTS practice test that is fully consistent with a real exam. After passing such an exam, you will receive full comments from experts, marks for each part and an overall score, the deviation of which from the real IELTS result is no more than 0.5 points. The cost of a full trial testing is 2,000 rubles.

IeltsPortal .ru

There are two free trial IELTS exams on this resource: the general exam and the academic exam.

Real assignments and analysis of test results allow users to accurately determine their level of English and the level of preparation for IELTS. In addition, taking test items develops linguistic skills, improves grammar and expands vocabulary.

Why take an IELTS preparation test?

The online IELTS practice test will help you:

  • study the structure of the exam in detail
  • familiarise yourself with the options for IELTS assignments
  • try your hand at passing the test
  • understand your weaknesses and gaps in English
  • learn time management for IELTS
  • find out how many points you would have scored on the exam at the moment

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